Radiochemistry CMGI

Kevin and the radio HPLC

Isotope Bobbleheads!

Checking TLC plate


Screen capture


Jason SNMMI 2014

Hotcells @ factory

Robin SNMMI 2012

Lina’s assays

We ❤ awesome molecules

ISRC Iowa City 2005

Hotcell & Jan

Hotcell installation

Cells (cells)

Lead melts at 327.46C

Runs 18F

BioD tubes


Reaction – manual

Lina’s lids!

Meeting the Mole (2014 San Francisco)

R/A @ R2@UCD!
1st radchem run and 2 very big smiles. 2014 08 22

There’s always a bright spot: Partial solar eclipse 2014 10 23

Robin’s part of The Science Coalition’s Science Matters campaign

Santa, you wear blue?

We enjoy a fresh pour

The name is Hu. Doctor Hu!

We’ve got questions – and (red) solutions.



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